Rizzo Group's breadth of expertise is unparalleled in the building consulting industry. Throughout the year, or at a specific client's request, Rizzo Group hosts seminars in a number of vital areas for building in New York City. Please contact us if you are interested in attending or hosting one of the Rizzo Group seminars listed below.

Seminar 1

Department of Buildings Filing Procedures I & II

  • Covers the filing process for Alt I and Alt II jobs. Includes issues relating to self-certification, controlled inspections, and letters of completion
  • Covers the Certificate of Occupancy Process and what is required to obtain a TCO and C/O
  • Discusses when C/O's are required and the laws triggered by Changes of Use
  • Discussion on Department of Transportation, Department of Health and Department of Highways and the role of these agencies in C/O's

Seminar 2

Filing Procedures at the Bureau of Fire Prevention

  • Fire Alarm Filing and other filings
  • Local Law 26 Compliance and Emergency Action Plans
  • Fire Department Inspections
  • Sprinklers & Standpipe, Electrical

Seminar 3

Code Review I & II: Building Code & Zoning Intro

  • Building height, bulk and density guidelines
  • Building classification according to construction ratings & limitations
  • Discussion of essential zoning issues: FAR, Bulk, Use
  • ADA and handicap issues associated with building
  • Egress and Public Assembly

Seminar 4

BSA and City Planning Practice in NYC

  • Board of Standards & Appeals: variance process
  • ULURP: Uniform Land Use Review Process, CEQR
  • Special Permits - City Planning and BSA
  • Issues - Revocable Consents, Bonus Plazas, etc.

Seminar 5


  • Landmark Buildings/Historic Districts
  • Review of typical NYC architectural designs and precedents, ie, federal, neoclassical, cast-iron styles
  • Researching landmarks at the City Archives
  • Landmark Agency Procedures (Plan Review, Certificate of No Effect)

Seminar 6

Green Building & LEED Compliance

  • Introduction to LEED Compliance
  • LEED New Buildings, Existing Buildings, Interiors
  • Energy Usage in Buildings
  • Renewable Energy Purchasing and Installation