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What We Do

Rizzo Group is a leader in the field, representing Real Estate Owners/ Developers. Our firm of well trained professionals including architects, lead our teams. This linear team of 7-8 people each is a “studio” management spirit. Our style of approaching the goals set by mutual design, client and consultant, have demonstrated a great support system that creates an efficient, imaginative solution to management of the asset.

Rizzo Group provides an evaluation, and helps develop a strategic plan. This can be applied to violations, pre-leasing, pre-purchase, to complex re-positioning of the asset and searching Certificates of Occupancy. Rizzo Group’s sister company is UBSL, a special inspections agency, which is ASI approved.

Upon securing an assignment, Rizzo Group provides a thorough research of the property, reviewing violations, open applications, C of O’s etc. Our team conferences with the client to review these results and coordinate their needs. Our team then begins collaborating a strategic plan, a pathway to achieving our clients’ goal.

Rizzo Group approaches each assignment with a thoughtful approach. We determine priorities. Should weremove all violations, open applications, etc. Establish a team with the client to obtain a resolution with a time table. These preliminary routes will set a direction, but with Rizzo Groups’ evaluation, we review the best strategy to achieve a successful end.

We at Rizzo Group approach each assignment with the desire to determine what is the best method of filing approach. Is an Alteration 2 or Alteration 2 Directive, Alteration 1, should it be a self-certification? Timing the resolution of either chronic issues such as C of O, discrepancies, or potential questions, i.e. Big Box, F.A.R. questions, exit reduction etc. The timing and approach to the code and zoning questions is critical to success. Rizzo Group considers all requests of variances extremely important and possibly pivotal. Our approach is to research and organize historic decisions, and relevant code or zoning regulations, then draft a potential solution in a succinct manner. This process, we believe, requires a clear understanding of the issues and goals. This thoughtful and artful approach is of paramount importance. The storyline must be compelling. Using this holistic approach to an asset, we believe, is our reason for our reputation for success.

Your asset becomes integrated in the selected team. We are part of your team.


Rizzo Group’s strength comes from our level of expertise, our service orientation, and our team approach to obtaining approvals for our clients. We focus on three areas: